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Unveiling the Success: Highlights from the First International HR Foresight Forum 2023

On June 1, 2023, the first HR Foresight Forum took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It was the largest international event featuring dialogue among experts in the fields of HR, corporate brand development, and internal communications in the Eurasian region.

The event proved to be significant for the Kazakhstan market, offering a mix of relevant topics as announced by the organizers and featuring influential new speakers. This enabled forecasts to be made regarding the automation of HR processes and trends in the world of HR technology.
Despite the foresight theme of the forum, the event started with a creative intro: "Human First: people matter most", which received an instant positive response within the HR community.

The organizers created a teleportation between the present and the future, where leading experts from companies showcased HR development trends, shared their own case studies, and presented technologies that we can already be used.

In addition to the traditional conference format, attendees participated in foresight and trend sessions, plenary sessions, and analyzed case studies. The forum placed great emphasis on networking and interactivity, with lectures transitioning into discussions and dialogues with speakers. Participants actively engaged with each other, collaborating to solve unconventional professional challenges.
The HR Foresight Forum delved into topics such as metaverses, GPT chats, the challenges of artificial intelligence in human resource management, the emergence of virtual workspaces, technology transfer, and many others.

Olga Shchukina, the forum organizer and CEO of the Galactic Group communication agency, stated:

"For us, this is the first forum in Kazakhstan, and it unexpectedly attracted a large audience. Initially, the HR Foresight Forum was conceived around the future and technology. But the main idea is that the future is created by people. That is why the concept of the forum in 2023 is called HUMAN FIRST. To maintain intrigue, we revealed this concept only on the day of the event. We chose the theme for a reason - it was particularly important for us to inspire every participant!"

An independent survey revealed that the HR Foresight Forum not only provided valuable and interesting content but also fostered a sense of community. Participants actively engaged in discussions throughout the day. The organizers made efforts to introduce new and bold formats that had not been used at previous events: they involved multimedia artists, invited scribes to create mind maps of sessions, set up a Forecast Me station, and created an interactive zone based on Kinect technology.
The event concluded with an unexpected laughter yoga masterclass, a practice aimed at developing emotional intelligence and combating burnout. Following that, the guests enjoyed a dinner and a gift raffle from the forum partners.

The use of the Event.Rocks mobile app, provided by the event organizers, proved to be particularly beneficial. It allowed each participant to ask questions to the speakers, participate in polls, and provide instant feedback to the organizers.

HR Foresight Forum in numbers:

2 formats: online and in person
9 hours of relevant topics and discussions
2 parallel sessions
30 in person speakers and 7 online speakers
150+ representatives from major companies
6 countries of participants: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, UAE
277 in person forum participants
519 online participants
300+ chat messages
345,730 views of HR Foresight Forum-related posts

The event was attended by companies such as Holding Sentras, Ernst & Young Kazakhstan, NPP RK "Atameken," Beeline Kazakhstan, Sandos Kazakhstan, Jusan Bank, Caspian Beverage Holding, OLX Kazakhstan, AO Imstalkon, Kommesk-Omir, SAP, Mars, Kimberly Clark, Leroy Merlin, and many others.

The organizers of HR Foresight Forum are the international communication agency Galactic Group. With 17 years of experience, their team has been organizing business, corporate, and marketing events worldwide, bringing brands and people together.

You can find all the forum photos at this link.